About Us:

Kris Terry Ministries was founded by Kris Terry. 

Kris is a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, author and teacher at her local church. She has been married to the love of her life for nearly 28 years. She is mother of three, two girls and one boy, and grandmother of two girls. Kris multitasks between housewife and business partner to her husband David at their local custom cabinet company. When she's not working she's playing with her grand babies. She is also currently enrolled in Bible school pursuing her ministerial credentials.

Gods handiwork has been intertwined all throughout my life. When I finally stopped and reflected over my life thus far I began to see all the major things that God had His hand in. For all those big things there were multitudes of little things that were perhaps not so visible.

Through every situation we have a choice of what to accept and what to believe in and what to stand on. For me, that choice is God and His word. His word is the foundation that provides solace. It also brings with it security, stability, sanity and serenity.

I discovered that I was provided all these things and He continues to supply all these things and so much more to all His children.

I can and will be that voice that is living, visible proof to encourage other people that God is there for them too just like His word promises.


Kris recently published her new book "A Month's Daze".

It is available for digital download at, and

My hope is, that in the sharing of my story, it will encourage other people to see what a relationship with God can do inside them.

When they see the measure of faith that rose up in me that they too will have their faith increased.

Through the message of Gods word, people will have a strong foundation to build their lives upon.